Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Got Spots? You need this!

Got Spots?  You need this!
Not all brown spots are the same…

Funny story to share with you...earlier this year, we were selected to be a vendor at the 2012 Texas Inaugural Country Living Magazine Fair in Austin, Texas.   It was quite an adventure...temperatures in the 90's and the show was held in an outdoor
[un-air conditioned] cattle barn, which we were aware of.  What we didn't know was that there had been a cattle show prior to the CL Fair, which left the day before we arrived...what an experience for city gals!  There’s more…

We had large signs made for our booth...actually they were our biz-card on steroids. 
The sign caption read...Got Spots?  You need this!  Which, of course, refers to brown spots on antique textiles such as quilts, table linens, christening gowns, wedding dresses, etc.

A prospective customer walked into our booth, read our sign then held out both of her hands and said, "Will your 'stuff' (aka Vintage Textile Soak) get rid of these ugly brown spots on my hands?"  We had to tell her no, we were sorry, it only works [wonders] on antique textiles!  She smiled and was on her way.

The good thing is that Vintage Textile Soak does safely remove the brown spots and/or yellowing from your flea market finds or cherished heirloom antique textiles.  With a little patience and a few hours (or more) of soaking, your textile will have a second life!

Friend Julie stopped by to say Hi! while attending the Country Living Magazine Fair in Austin, Texas.

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